We Are Living Too Short and Dying Too Long

Today’s guest post is by Ladd R. McNamara, M.D. • www.laddmcnamara.com

One of the world’s preeminent scientists, Dr. Myron Wentz said, “We are living too short and dying too long.” As a medical doctor who no longer practices medicine, I used to treat disease with drugs and perform surgeries because it was how I was educated and trained at two of the best medical institutions in this Country. However, nearly 98% of the national health care costs are spent in the last year of people’s lives, all trying to keep terminally ill people “alive.” We are keeping them alive, but usually with a very low quality of life. Many times it seems we are only extending their deaths!

Having witnessed a breakdown of our health care system, which has only been getting worse with rising insurance and medical costs, overhead, and lower and inadequate reimbursements, I made the decision to migrate into the wellness arena in order to teach and assist others to be able to enjoy the incredible benefits of TRUE HEALTH; which can be achieved only through daily supplementation with quality vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, proper dietary changes, exercise, improved sleep, and reduced stress. Having experienced the traditional medical field and the Wellness Industry, I can now say which of the two modalities makes the most sense both from an economic stand point and for maintaining true health.

I aligned myself with a credible company that has what I believe are the best products to promote and maintain overall optimal health. The medical research indicates that with the modification of lifestyle; that is, diet, exercise, reduction of stress, and nutritional supplementation, we may be able to reduce the incidence of many chronic diseases and possibly slow the aging process. Isn’t this what we all want; to live long, healthy, and energetic lives?

What would it be worth to you, or a loved one if you could TRULY reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, or any number of chronic diseases? Would it be worth the “hassle” of taking vitamins daily? Would it be worth the cost of quality supplements? One case of heart disease is way more expensive than quality supplements. One case of cancer is way more expensive than your whole family taking quality supplements. Denial prevents people from making rational decisions. People say they “don’t have the money for quality supplements,” but notice which smartphone they use, and how much they spend on outward appearance. They look good on the outside while their health is degenerating on the inside…and they don’t even know it. THAT is why I migrated from traditional medical practice into the wellness arena; to have a voice to wake up others and be in alignment with the vision of Dr. Myron Wentz, in which he dreams of “a world free from pain and suffering, a world free from disease.”

Medical studies have shown various ways in which this is possible. Certainly we know that diet and exercise plays a huge role in our health; so does sleep and stress. More and more, research is indicating the role that nutritional supplements play in promoting, and maintaining cardiac health, brain, kidney, lung, intestinal, liver, joint, bone, skin, and immunological health.

The most challenging, and sometimes frustrating issue for me now is getting people to actually believe the real importance that supplementing with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and the essential fatty acids on a daily basis can have in their lives. Many of those who do “take a chance,” and use the supplements I recommend experience something they never thought possible. It’s this experience that changes their “belief systems” about the need for quality supplements. In order for people to change they must change their “belief systems,” just like I did. When I was practicing medicine, and I was first introduced to the thought of taking more than a simple multivitamin per day I “believed” it was all a waste of time and money. Little did I know about the decades of medical research indicating that taking vitamins and minerals beyond what is found in food, beyond what is found in a simple daily multivitamin can have dramatic effects on our health.

The data alone did not change my belief system, it only cracked open the door a bit in an otherwise closed mind. I knew diet and exercise was important, and I knew that stress can increase the risk of disease, but as far as supplements? “They’re all the same,” or so I believed.

However, when I started recommending broad spectrum, pharmaceutical-grade nutritional supplements to my patients I witnessed incredible benefits that I, and other doctors, did not think was even possible with supplements, let alone drugs. My patients were experiencing the difference that only quality supplements could bring about, and as a result it changed my belief system about supplementation. I knew for myself that taking quality supplements made a difference, AND not all supplements are created equal. That is why I aligned myself with the company producing the products that were, and continue to change lives by providing TRUE HEALTH.

After more than a 16 years of witnessing tremendous health benefits among my patients, family and friends, researching the medical studies and cutting edge of nutraceutical medicine, as well as traveling the world speaking on the subject of proper nutritional supplementation, I can say with certainty that lives are being changed for the better; True Health is happening. Hope is being restored.

However, no matter how well you live, eat, exercise, and supplement with vitamins and minerals, you will eventually die. Like it or not, we are mortal beings. With the wellness movement we are simply trying to improve the quality of life while we are on this earth by decreasing the risk of PREMATURE chronic degenerative disease and PREMATURE aging, as well as prevent PREMATURE death. How would it be to live well beyond 100 years of age and still have the vitality to play golf, swim, exercise, climb stairs, play with your great, great grandchildren? I believe this is all possible if we take the steps to decrease the toxic exposure in our environment, reduce stress, exercise regularly, eat right, and protect our cells from oxidation and excessive inflammation with quality supplementation.

I am dedicated to supporting you in your journey towards a healthy lifestyle, please Contact Me if you would like to learn more about the pharmaceutical-grade, high-quality nutritional supplements that Dr. McNamara recommends.

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