Modalities that helped me to heal and Be Healthy: Acupuncture…

I have learned so much in my search to heal from my injuries and in my mission to create a healthy lifestyle. When you are in pain you are willing to try just about anything to make it stop.
So, I researched and tried many things, one of which is Acupuncture.

Acupuncture is one of many tools
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Acupuncture is a healing modality that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. It focuses on the the flow of energy through the body or life force called Qi (pronounced “chee”). Qi flows through the body along meridians that are like rivers in the body. There are 14 main meridians, each connected to an organ system.

It is believed that illness and pain are caused by a blocks in these meridians that act as a dam, backing up the flow of Qi. This then affects the function and health of the body. The movement of Qi is stimulated by inserting needles into specific points along the meridians causing the flow of energy to become balanced.

One diagnostic tool an acupuncturist uses is examining the tongue. The tongue is a map of the body, different areas relate to the organ systems in the body. The color, shape, texture, and thickness of the tongue, as well as the color, thickness, and quality of the tongue coat indicates the cause, depth and nature of an imbalance.

Another diagnostic tool an acupuncturist uses is feeling the pulses on both wrists. There are 27 specific qualities the acupuncturist is looking for in the pulse that show the balance of Qi and the overall state of health. If there are any imbalances in the body they will appear in the pulse.

Next the acupuncturist will check certain points along the body for tenderness. Very thin needles are then gently inserted those points which usually causes very little discomfort. These points are located in all areas of the body and may not be near the area of your pain. The needles will remain in place for 15 to 30 minutes. Many people feel deep sense of relaxation and well-being and may fall asleep during treatment.

What can be treated with Acupuncture?

    Although many people seek out acupuncture for controlling their pain. The National Institute of Health and World Health Organization recognize the use of acupuncture in the treatment in a wide range of conditions including the following:

  • Addictions – Addictions to nicotine, alcohol, food and drugs.
  • Chronic and Acute Pain – Injuries, headaches, arthritis, neck/shoulder/back pain, joint pain, tendonitis, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia.
  • Circulatory Disorders – Hypertension, angina pectoris, arteriosclerosis, edema, anemia.
  • Digestive Disorders – Irritable bowel, colitis, constipation, diarrhea, gastritis, acid reflux, food allergies, ulcers, bloating.
  • Eye and Ear Disorders – Tinnitus, Meniere’s disease, impaired vision.
  • Gynecological – Irregular, heavy or painful menstruation, leukorrhea, infertility, PMS, menopausal symptoms, uterine fibroids, morning sickness.
  • Immune Function – Recurrent infections, rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus, AIDS.
  • Neurological Disorders – Post-stroke recovery, Bell’s Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Trigeminal Neuralgia, movement disorders, neuropathy, dizziness.
  • Pregnancy – Pre and post-partum care, breech positioning, labor and delivery.
  • Psychological/Emotional – Depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, insomnia.
  • Respiratory Disorders – Asthma, allergies, bronchitis, sinusitis, sore throat, laryngitis, colds & flu.
  • Supportive Therapy – for immune compromised individuals, and patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy.
  • Urogenital Disorders – Stress incontinence, urinary tract infections, sexual dysfunction.

One of the first things my Acupuncturist told me when I came to her for treatment is that I had “stagnant Qi”. I remember thinking that that can’t be good. I committed to a series of treatments and slowly began to heal. I credit this modality more than any of the others I tried for my recovery from my injuries. It is responsible for the reduction of pain in all areas of my body. Especially for relieving my constant chronic headaches that plagued me after the accident. I am forever grateful to Jill Donberg, MAcOM at Grand Traverse Natural Health Care for her healing treatments and for helping me heal and Be Healthy.

Acupuncture is extremely safe and drug-free. The only side effects are feeling relaxed and well grounded. I highly recommend it if you are having trouble controlling pain with “traditional” medical treatments. To find a National Certification Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Certified Practitioner, click HERE.

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18 Responses to Modalities that helped me to heal and Be Healthy: Acupuncture…

  1. I love acupuncture even though I hate needles. I had a severe contracted muscle issue years ago and knew the docs would only give me muscle relaxants that would make me loopy and constipate me. Someone suggested acupuncture. The thing is I hate needles. I tried it anyway (figuring they would be in back so at least I could see them. And that was true. I walked out of the office completely healed. Highly recommend it.

    • Laurie, Acupuncture is a great “drug free” alternative. I’m glad you were able to get past your fear of needles and give it a try. I wasn’t sure about the needles either until she showed them to me and I realized how thin they are. It is practically painless. 😉

  2. Christy says:

    I LOVE acupuncture. For me the biggest benefit is how relaxing it was. I can’t explain it but after every session I felt such a strong sense of relaxation and peacefulness. Good stuff!

    • Christy, My personality has changed a lot since my accident and it isn’t because of the head injury. I credit it to the acupuncture and how it allowed me to relax and be at peace. 😉

  3. Cris:Gladly says:

    I am a huge fan of acupuncture, as my BFF Jay is a physician of Acupuncture and TCM. I love getting treatments. I love the way it unites all of the energy flow in my body, not just treating one area (and therefore triggering an overwhelming rush of energy to that one area). Good stuff!

  4. Tanya says:

    I love acupuncture. I have been using it as my healing modality since I was 15 years old. I had mono and was sick pretty much my entire sophomore year in high school so we found Ana Devedia who taught me so much … I loved it so much I actually followed her around the clinic a couple of times and wanted to be an acupuncturist. But my love of writing had me take another direction, not medicine.

    One of my favorite memories was when she looked at my tongue and told me I would get my period the next day. Sure enough, it came!

    • Tanya, It is a very inspiring practice. I can see why you were drawn to it. I was amazed at the things they see in the tongue, too! My favorite thing is when my acupuncturist told me I had stagnant Qi. I thought, I don’t know what that is, but it sound horrible. 😉

  5. Acupuncture is the bomb diggity. This has helped with my allergies towards animals. I can now be around them without getting all puffy and red. Thanks for sharing all the benefits. So many more than I thought. Other than what it has done for me I find it very relaxing and soothing. I just melt thinking about it. Great job on the post.

    Alara Castell
    Queen of Play + Fun-Loving Business Activator. Let’s Get You Turned ON!

    • Thanks Alara! Once I had such great results with it I had my husband go. He was able to get relief from his chronic back pain. I have also heard that it helps with fertility. It’s amazing to see how many benefits there are. 😉

  6. Yvette says:

    I’ve always heard about the huge benefits of acupuncture, but I don’t like needles so I’ve never tried it. But, after reading this article maybe I should venture and do a session or two. Great stuff!!

    • Yvette, You should give it a try. They can show you the needles and explain how it works. They are very thin. Nothing to be afraid of. I’m glad that my article has inspired you! 😉

  7. Scott Powers says:

    I tried acupuncture a few years ago after getting a nasty virus that I couldn’t shake. It certainly seemed to help my symptoms but more importanly I walked out of every session feeling very peaceful and centered. Funny, because it was during a very chaotic and stressful time, and I think it helped me be in the right state of mind to make some important decisions.

    • Scott, Qi is considered as a life force that flows within and around the body. Acupuncture gets this flowing and helps every part of the body, including the mind. I’m glad it helped you with your health issues and decisions. Thanks for sharing! 😉

  8. Kathleen says:

    Ah yes! Thank you for this wonderFULL reminder, Heather! Acupuncture. Make it habit! for EVERYTHING!! I healed a very serious condition of acide reflux and sinusitis through acupuncture. The acid reflux was so bad that doctors were saying I was going to need to be on medication for the REST OF MY LIFE! Are they CRAZY??!?!?! I thought? I am relative young… 50 when it happened. Why? so I tried many things but the one that WORKED with the acupuncture coupled with chinese medicine. GONE!

    I have some other stuff showing up now which your post reminds me to … go get some! Thank you, Heather!

  9. I love acupuncture! Thanks for the awesome list too….I have had this on my calendar for several weeks, and this great post has reminded me to make a call tomorrow to schedule a few appts before year-end! I want to go into 2012 with flowing qi!
    Thanks for the great post and sharing your success story….LOVE it!
    xo, Tina

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