How I Got Here…

On May 3, 2009, I was in a severe car accident caused by a drunk driver. I was hospitalized for 5 days and had brain shearing, internal bleeding, bruised kidney, bruised liver, rib fracture, fractured vertebrae, fractured tibia, cervical sprain, rotator cuff tear and extensive soft tissue damage. This was a major turning point in my life. I decided that something positive had to come from this accident, so I began to focus on healing myself.

My goal was to get back to the condition
I was in before the accident.

I started on a healing journey. I went to physical, occupational and speech therapy appointments almost every day for over a year. My pain slowly decreased and I began to get my range of motion back. I also quit smoking, quit drinking alcohol, quit drinking caffeine, quit drinking pop, started taking supplements everyday, started exercising, started walking 5K’s and lost 30 pounds.

Even though I had experienced alot of progress, I still had shoulder pain, back pain and constant headaches. I decided to look into other ways of healing. I began acupuncture and ashiatsu massage. I tried thai massage, cranial sacral massage, blocking, rolfing, yoga, hula-hooping and…colon hydrotherapy. My healing journey brought me to the Muskegon Yoga Center. I practiced as many days as I could and still continue to do so. As a result my muscle strength and flexibility have improved, as well as the connection with my body and my soul.

My goal has shifted, I want to be in
better condition than I was before the accident
and in many ways, I already am.

At the Muskegon Yoga Center I was introduced to High Quality Supplements and a Jumpstart 5-Day Carb Cleanse. I wanted to get my cravings under control and lose more weight. I was amazed that after the first day my residual pain from the accident had greatly decreased.

I also tried a Healthy Energy Drink and absolutely loved it. It gave me energy all day long without the crash you usually get from energy drinks. It is a nutritional alternative to all the high sugar, energy drinks on the market that are full of chemicals and preservatives.

Then I tried the Preservative-Free Skin Care and I couldn’t stop 
touching my face. The idea that my skin could be nourished with holistic products free from chemicals and parabens, fit right in with my plan to be healthier. I loved these
 products so much and want to tell everyone about them.

When I discovered all these products were created by
the same company, it was like a lightbulb went on.

My passion is to help people heal and be healthy,
this is my vehicle to do that.

People always tell me that I should write a book (maybe someday I will), honoring all the people who helped me heal along the way and include everything I have learned, how to deal with the insurance companies, what it takes to heal yourself and different modalities to get you there. I want to be an advocate for others, to teach them what I have learned.

I no longer regret being in the accident, because it helped me change in ways
I never would have. It was the Universe’s way of telling me that I needed to follow my passion.

Although I am still on my healing journey,
I am now taking others along with me.

I am dedicated to supporting you in your journey towards a healthy lifestyle, please Contact Me for more information.

Be Healthy,