9 Ways to Create a Ripple Effect In Your Life…

Ripple-EffectThe logo for We Be Healthy,
my business, is a photo of a drop of water falling and creating a ripple. It is beautiful and serene. Is that why I chose it? Yes, and no. I chose this design because of it’s overall beauty. I also wanted the color to be green, which translates to a feeling of health and growth. I chose it for the water element, which also exudes health and fluidity. Finally I chose it for the ripple effect, which represents movement, growth, and change. This is a very powerful concept, that something so small can influence everything around it to move and change. This has become a metaphor for my life, my journey to heal and Be Healthy.

If someone makes one seemingly small change in their life to be healthier, it creates a ripple effect at the cellular level which slowly effects their entire body. As they make more changes, the effects begin to multiply in intensity. What once was so tiny and imperceptible…can now be felt in the body and seen by others.

As someone begins a healthy lifestyle the ripple effect is felt by their family, children, spouses, relatives, friends and coworkers. They begin to influence everyone around them. These changes also begin to multiply in intensity, eventually changing Cities and States, Continents and yes…even the World.

The initial cause of a ripple might not even seem like a positive one. In my case, a couple of years ago, as a result of a severe car accident, I decided I wanted to make positive changes in my life. I wanted to heal and Be Healthy. This was the birth of my business We Be Healthy. The beginning of my passion for helping others heal and Be Healthy. Looking back now I am grateful for this event that propelled me toward personal growth, health and the passion for helping others. I am still on my healing journey, but now I am taking others along with me.

Here are some of the changes I made:

  1. Quit Smoking — I knew that if my accident didn’t get me to quit smoking, nothing would. I had 5 days in the hospital without smoking as a head-start, so I just decided that I was done. Many people aren’t able to quit “cold turkey”, but it worked for me. You have to be ready and have a reason to quit and this was the first time I was really ready and I definitely had a reason to quit. When you decide you are done smoking, you will be done.
  2. Started Taking Supplements — The right diet is essential for good health and to prevent disease. But, even if you eat well it is not possible to get all the nutrients your body needs. You should take high-quality pharmaceutical grade supplements to ensure quality, potency and safety. When I started taking high-quality supplements every day, I could feel the difference, I had more energy and felt amazing.
  3. Quit Drinking — After being hit by a drunk driver the idea of drinking loses its appeal. My brain shearing caused me to have constant headaches, so you can imagine how I felt the next morning after drinking. I also decided to be a designated driver for my friends and family so they wouldn’t have to live through the experience I did. I will drink on special occasions, but only if I have a safe driver and that doesn’t mean someone who drinks earlier in the night and quits before leaving.
  4. Lost Weight — I have struggled with my weigh all of my adult life. After my accident I joined Weight Watchers for the third time. I had some success as always, then I hit a plateau, as always. Then I tried Jumpstart 5-Day Carb Cleanse and everything clicked. It is not about will power…it is about your body and how it processes fuel. Once I learned about the Glycemic-Index I knew that I could make the changes needed for it to become a life-style. If you want to release fat, you have to reduce your carbohydrate and sugar intake. I now help others get off the sugar roller coaster.
  5. Started Exercising — I asked my doctor to write a prescription for a gym membership and my auto insurance covered the expense. I began using the treadmill for just a few minutes at a time. Now I am able to walk at a fast pace on an incline of 5 or 6 for an hour. I also do the elliptical for 30 minutes and sometimes add the weight circuit. The fly machine was especially helpful for (slowly) healing my rotator cuff tear. Working out helped me build up my stamina and endurance, release stress and heal from my injuries. Surprisingly…now I actually enjoy exercise.
  6. Started Yoga — After my accident I quickly realized that I would have to try many things in addition to traditional medicine if I wanted to recover fully. Now I am so grateful that I started my yoga practice. My muscle strength, flexibility, breathing have all improved and my pain has been reduced. I have a better connection with my body and my soul. I welcome the peacefulness and relaxation that yoga brings. I am calmer than I have ever been.
  7. Quit Drinking Soda — I was drinking large quantities of diet soda and knew it was adding to my weight. I also learned that you become dehydrated when you drink a caffeinated soda to quench your thirst and you will actually become thirstier. Soda depletes your body of vital minerals and wears away at the enamel of your teeth over time. Artificial sweeteners can interfere with the body’s natural ability to regulate calorie intake and can make people crave more sweets. I started drinking water to improve my skin, my weight loss and my overall health.
  8. Started Walking 5Ks — I never had any interest in walking anywhere, let alone in a 5K. I decided that I would prove to myself I could do it…now I really like it. It takes under an hour to walk a 5K which is 3.1 miles. I found many 5Ks in my area. Plus, they are usually fundraisers, so my application fees go to help a good cause. I have even convinced my family members to join me in the races. I now compare my times from the previous year and try to beat them. Maybe some day I will run one…who knows what the future will bring.
  9. Tried JourneyDance — I am not or ever have been a dancer. I do not do things in public and I don’t interact with others…until I challenged myself to take a JourneyDace Class. I can’t begin to explain how far out of my comfort zone this was. JourneyDance mixes yoga flow and free-form movement. It helps you become expressive and release fear, forgive mistakes and make way for your highest intentions. This was a new way for me to release everything I was holding inside and an extremely emotional process. I let everything go, danced and twirled…now I am hooked. Where will your JourneyDance take you? Try something that is way out of your comfort zone, you will find it very liberating.

Hopefully this inspires you to make positive changes in your life too!

Knowing that you ultimately have the power to change the world, what will you change? What will motivate you? What is your passion? What is stopping you? Even one small change in your life could quickly become a tsunami of good!

I am dedicated to supporting you in your journey towards a healthy lifestyle, please Contact Me if you have any questions.

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About Heather Lentz

Your Journey Begins Here…We Be Healthy supports you in your journey towards a healthy lifestyle through Low-Glycemic Cooking (& Eating), High Quality Nutritional Supplements, Jumpstart 5-Day Carb Cleanse, Healthy Energy Drinks, Preservative-Free Skin Care, Reducing Your Toxic Load and Creating a Healthy Home. Although I am still on my healing journey, I am now taking others along with me.
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34 Responses to 9 Ways to Create a Ripple Effect In Your Life…

  1. Tina Pruitt says:

    Wow, you have made some great changes! Congrats on all the positive changes you have made and for being an inspiration to so many…

    xo, Tina

  2. Heather, this is really inspiring. It is amazing how one moment in time can change our life for the positive. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Suki says:

    Wow, this is a really good story about making changes. It’s good that you share it to inspire others. The positive thinking in you is so awesome.

  4. Freea says:

    Thanks Heather. This was an incredible post. I have had my share of health issues this year, so it has been quite a healing journey for me. In addition, my mom was recently diagnosed with an aneurysm and was told by her Dr. that she has a chance of it healing if she makes some MAJOR life changes. She is up against some big challenges and has some complicated stuff to move through. I love that you found dance. I too have been feeling like I need to find some type of dance or movement class but not sure what would work best post surgery…my body is still very fragile but at the same time feels like it needs to move in new ways. Thanks again for this and your logo is beautiful. ~Freea

    • Freea,

      Thanks so much for your comments. The Universe usually speaks to you with a whisper. If you don’t hear it, the Universe gives you a little push. If you don’t notice it, then the Universe hits you with a sledge hammer if it wants to you change the path you are on.

      I found yoga while on my healing journey and recommend that you give it a try. Look for a center that has a gentle yoga class or one geared toward post surgery. I wish you and your mom well in your healing journeys.

      If you need anything, please feel free to contact me. 😉

  5. I’m so moved by the personal reasons behind your healthy lifestyle changes. This is so much more empowering than a typical magazine ‘get fit’ article – and the wonderful thing is that because of us feeling your experience, we don’t have to get hit by a car to get to the same place. That’s a beautiful, world-changing action. Thank you.

    • Thank you so much Maddy! I am glad you were touched by this article. I hope no one ever has to experience being hit by a car to get to where I am. Because of this experience I try to inspire others to change their lives in healthy ways and step out of their comfort zone to see what it feels like to be alive. The truth is that none of us know how long we have left here, so we should live our lives to the fullest and help others do the same. Thanks for your awesome comments! 😉

  6. Love your logo and your inspirational changes! I just completed a 5K last weekend with a goal of doing one in all 50 states before I turn 50. Best…

  7. Jenny Shih says:

    Wow! You have made so many inspiring changes in your life. Thank you for sharing.

    I believe that we can all make a living following our passions. I like to create my ripple of good in the world by helping entrepreneurs follow their passions of changing the world.

    I began this journey when I no longer accepted my corporate job as a necessity and started seeking my purpose. Once I began following that path, I was unstoppable. A momentum has been created, on the continually encourages me to reach for and strive for what I want in my life. The more I do this, the more people see it, and the more they are impacted to do something similar in their lives.

    I love ripples…

    • Jenny, thanks for your great comments! I agree that we all can make a living if we follow our passions too. When operate from your passion in service to others, people see that you are coming from a place that is genuine and they embrace you. I love ripples too! It is a lot better than the alternative. 😉

  8. WOW Heather! I could really use some of your advice. I’m definitely relating to a lot of the things on your list! I think the only thing I’ve got under my belt is that I quit smoking, like 10 years ago. I need to do the others!

  9. Laura says:

    Let me try this again – Heather! Great post! Loved your story and your inspiring changes, things we all need to do to be healthy. I too have seen changes in my mom since she was in the hospital earlier this year. She decided to take charge of her life, get fit, lose weight, and her sisters who just saw her for the first time in a year said “you look ten years younger!” and of course that is in turn inspiring them to get on the right track… the ripple effect.

    • Thanks Laura! That is exactly what I’m talking about. Good for your mom. I’m glad she decided to take charge of her life and make so many positive changes. Imagine if everyone did that. What an amazing place this world would be! 😉

  10. Yvette says:

    Heather, fantastic post & reminder of the importance to take care of our bodies. Your passion is inspiring! Most people wait until something drastic happens to them before making the changes they knew they had to make all along to live a healthier life. So, what you are doing is SOOO needed :-). Which brand of supplements do you use? I belong to the life extension group & their supplements are top notch. As far as my changes, I’m trying to make sure I stay in the present moment at all times. I have such a hectic life with, (nevermind won’t bore you with the details) that if I don’t practice being present, it feels as if life is passing me by….Great post!

    • I’m glad you liked it Yvette! I hope people don’t wait until something drastic happens to them before make positive changes in their life. I hope they are inspired to change because of my accident instead of waiting for their own to happen. I use Usana, they are pharmaceutical-grade, high-quality nutritional supplements and they are amazing. Trying to be present in your life is a great change to make. It is easier said than done. Before my accident it seemed as though I was sleepwalking through my life. Now I am present and enjoying every moment. Good luck! 😉

      • Thanks Tina! There is tons of propaganda out there. People are eating what they are told is food. It’s not food, it has been processed beyond recognition. They are eating “low-fat” and “no-fat” scientifically created “foods” thinking that they are healthy. I hope that people become aware of what they are putting in their bodies. 😉

  11. Freea says:

    My mom who was just diagnosed with a Splenic Aneurysm recently and who is making a LOT of life changes just talked to me on the phone about how it is easier for me to make shifts since I live in CA in a community of health conscious people and where the lifestyle is more dominant…..as opposed to her, in rural IL. where people still fry their food in bacon grease, eat tons of processed food and soda, smoke(more then here), and tend to NOT exercise as much if at all…THIS POST reminds me that the benefit and beauty of making health and lifestyle changes in these parts of the countryside,is that you have a LOT more impact and influence. I am going to encourage here to FIND her tribe and surround herself with others moving through BIG challenges. Thanks, I posted already but woke up with this clarity around my mother and her situation and wanted to thank you, it was your post that influence my Ah ha moment!

    • You are welcome Freea. I am honored to be a part of your ah ha moment. You are giving your mother amazing support and encouragement! She should surround herself with like-minded people, those who inspire her to be healthy and make positive changes to her lifestyle. She can become someone who causes a ripple effect in someone else’s life. She can inspire others with her story of change and growth. Tell her that I wish her well on her journey. 😉

  12. What an inspiration! I love how you made a list of all the ways in which you’re making positive changes. It’s a concrete and organized way to see the amazing steps you are taking. But beyond that, you are very inspiring! Thank you for sharing.

  13. Heather –

    Really loved this post! I made some pretty dramatic changes in my lifestyle over the past 3 years and am healthier as a result – many of them on your list. The ripple effect with my kids and in my marriage is amazing! I can also see it every day as I work to build my business.

    Thanks for the “visual” reminder – and congrats on all of the changes you have made!

    • Thank you Jennifer! Congrats on the changes you have made toward a healthier lifestyle. I am so glad that you have experienced a ripple effect with your kids, husband and business. I wish you well on your journey toward a healthier lifestyle. 😉

  14. You’ve really made a lot of changes! It’s awesome.

    You asked about passion – I’m passionate about creating a freedom based business so I can live and work from anywhere. And in taking huge steps this summer, I’ve found that there has been a huge ripple effect in my community. Even people I didn’t even realize I was connected to. Now I’m hearing about their dreams to do something similar. This fuels me to push forward on the days when it’s a struggle. And in turn, it seems to be encouraging them to live their passion. It’s rippling, and it’s also giving back to me in ways I didn’t expect.
    Great post! Thanks Heather.

    • Thanks for your comments Loralee. Congratulations on working towards your passion! It will not always be easy, but it will always be fulfilling because you are doing something that you love. You are an example of the the ripple effect, as you live your passion, others are inspired to live theirs. Don’t forget that it is the journey, not the destination. I wish you well on your journey! 😉

  15. Scott Powers says:

    Heather, first off I applaud you for your decision to be pro-active in your recovery and also your health. I’ve seen in my own family that being a victim can be easier than taking responsiblity.
    What I love about your list is that you have some big changes (quiting smoking) and small ones (drinking more water) that everyone can relate to. I also deeply appreciate your honesty about your habits, challenges, and progress…. that is really inspiring.

    • I’m glad you liked it Scott! Yes, it can be easier being a victim than being pro-active in your recovery. The big difference is in the results! I was just not willing to leave control over my life and recovery solely in the hands of others. I have been blessed with the amazing results. Thank you so much for your comments. 😉

  16. Kathleen says:

    YAY, Heather! Congratulations for SEIZING your life by the reins… and making it YOURS! Sculpting it into the beautiful form you now live and share with others. this to me is ART…. the Art of Self Creation!

    Love the symbol of your drop in the green pool and its ripple effect. Its meaning is super duper powerFULL! We do not realize how much impact our lives and personal decisions mean for others around us. Especially parents to kids. We can say a lot… but if we are not living our authentic lives… they will have live the shadows we did not contend with. Sobering thought.

    Love your work, Heather! xo

    • Thanks for your support Kathleen! Funny thing is that I am an artist, but I never looked at it as the art of self creation. That’s really cool to look at it that way. My hope is that I impact the lives of everyone I come in contact with! 😉

  17. Tanya says:

    What would I change: stop playing small and start trusting myself more. Believe in my self-worth.
    Celebrate the abundance in my life. I have so much love, so many resources, great health and a great attitude.
    My big passion is to bring people together. It gives me so much pleasure when I know I made a connection for someone.

    • Great comments Tanya! I love to hear from people who are obviously coming from their passion. Your changes to trust yourself more, believe in your self-worth and celebrate abundance are awesome. I wish you well in your journey! 😉

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