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Simplify Your Environment and Create a Healthy Body

My husband, daughter and I took a much needed trip to visit my parents this weekend. They live a little over two hours north of us in a small town west of Traverse City called Lake Ann, Michigan. We go there to relax and enjoy their company, but not nearly as often as we should.

Their farmhouse sits on 40 acres of land and only one of the two other houses on their road is visible from theirs. The stars are always brighter there on a clear night. The darkness is always darker there on a moonless night. They do not have any light pollution, sound pollution, water pollution or air pollution. Everything is fresher there, everything tastes and smells better there.

Their nights are usually filled with the occasional hoot of an owl or howl of a coyote. Maybe even the rustling of a herd of deer passing by. The night we arrived was just filled with snow, lots of snow, plus the occasional rush and crash of the snow as it slid off the metal roof on their house and slammed to the ground. There were also a few flashes of lightening followed by the rumble of thunder. Thunder snow? That can’t be good.

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