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Should we be taking Statin Drugs or Fish Oil?

Today’s guest post is by Dr. Karen Wolfe, M.B.B.S., MA •

Swiss investigators reviewed 97 randomized, controlled clinical trials, which involved over 275,000 subjects. They looked at comparing the reduction in cardiovascular deaths between individuals who were taking the lipid lowering drugs called statins, those who consumed higher doses of omega-3 fatty acids, and a controlled group or placebo group.

The statin group reduced cardiovascular deaths by 22%, while the omega-3 fatty acid group decreased cardiovascular disease by 32%. Statin drugs reduced overall mortality by 13%; however, the omega-3 fatty acid group reduced overall mortality by 23%.

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We Are Living Too Short and Dying Too Long

Today’s guest post is by Ladd R. McNamara, M.D. •

One of the world’s preeminent scientists, Dr. Myron Wentz said, “We are living too short and dying too long.” As a medical doctor who no longer practices medicine, I used to treat disease with drugs and perform surgeries because it was how I was educated and trained at two of the best medical institutions in this Country. However, nearly 98% of the national health care costs are spent in the last year of people’s lives, all trying to keep terminally ill people “alive.” We are keeping them alive, but usually with a very low quality of life. Many times it seems we are only extending their deaths!

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5 Reasons Why Low-Fat Diets Don’t Work…

For over 20 years we have been taught that if we didn’t stop eating fat it, would make us fat. We listened to the advice of all the nutritionists, doctors and the media. We followed low-fat diets they recommended, but they left us overweight and scratching our heads wondering what happened. As Americans continue to focus on eating low-fat foods, obesity, diabetes and high-cholesterol has skyrocketed. This has caused many people to rethink the idea of low-fat dieting, including the nutritionists and doctors that originally supported it.

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9 Ways to Create a Ripple Effect In Your Life…

Ripple-EffectThe logo for We Be Healthy,
my business, is a photo of a drop of water falling and creating a ripple. It is beautiful and serene. Is that why I chose it? Yes, and no. I chose this design because of it’s overall beauty. I also wanted the color to be green, which translates to a feeling of health and growth. I chose it for the water element, which also exudes health and fluidity. Finally I chose it for the ripple effect, which represents movement, growth, and change. This is a very powerful concept, that something so small can influence everything around it to move and change. This has become a metaphor for my life, my journey to heal and Be Healthy.

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